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7 Homes Using Modern Exterior Wall Paneling Right


The 1920s were a decade of growth and expansion. The First World War was over, and the era was filled with a hopeful, positive atmosphere. You could see this hope through the Art Deco style that influenced design and architecture. 

A hundred years later, as we head into the 2020s, that spirit is still alive and well. Modern home design is part of that story, becoming more and more about meeting a homeowner’s dream,  custom finishes and distinctive touches that make every home stand out. The only rule these days is that designers and homeowners get to make their own rules.

With modern design comes modern materials, and fiber cement wall siding panels provide a huge variety of colors and finishes. Essentially, if a homeowner can dream it, fiber cement can provide architectural panels to match.

Let’s look at how seven designers and homeowners got creative with their exterior design ideas, and explore why we love them.

Home in the Clouds


What could be better than a hilltop home overlooking a sprawling backyard that descends down to the river below? This home is a statement piece for sure, but the neutral, modulated palette chosen for the architectural panels on the home’s exterior helps keep the home from taking over the neighborhood.

If you’re thinking about using multiple colors in your panel design, this is a great way to achieve it. By keeping your choices in similar shades, you create visual interest, without becoming overwhelming. 

Light and Shadows


When it comes to drama, black and white is the standard, but it can be a little stark. Choosing off-shade colors, like the smooth plaster in cream tones with our VintageWood panels in Bark helps soften the edges, while still creating dramatic contrast.

This home is a great example of using shadows to further draw the eye inward. The deep recesses in this design breaks up the plane, creating an extra layer of light and dark, accented by the geometric shapes and sharp corners of the building.

Small but Smart


With a smaller home, you want to play to your best features. No one wants the garage door to be the first thing visitors see. In this case study, the designer has smartly drawn the eye up to the second floor, using Redwood VintageWood panels, while leaving the rest of the house completely white so it blends into the background.

Using warm natural tones creates an inviting welcome for guests, even when you don’t have sprawling acres to show off.

The Hide and Seek


This house is a great example of using both modern wall cladding and geometric shapes to draw attention to specific parts of the home. 

Here, as we arrive down the wide driveway, the dark lines of the roof and sides of the garage and single-story module on the right draw our attention to these complementary components of this modern home, while white panels and neutral entryway tones make the two-story centerpiece more contextual.


However, when we come around back, the three-story pavilion of this split-level home is very clearly the focal point, complete with its high contrast white cement fiber panels and black trim, while the narrower and lower-story pieces provide more neutral support without creating a visual distraction.

The Modern Rustic


Using wood-tone architectural exterior siding panels is a great way to balance a modern aesthetic with a more classic feel. This butterfly roof home with its high-contrast window frames brings a very contemporary feel, while the Cedar VintageWood panels remind us of a cabin in the woods or by the lake. 

Here, the warm wood tones give us a sense of a modern retreat and soften some of the hard lines so popular in modern home design. And because VintageWood is actually high-definition fiber cement that is crafted to look like wood, you get all the aesthetic benefits of wood without the upkeep.

The Contemporary Villa


Colonnades have been an architectural staple for thousands of years. They provide necessary structure while also setting the overall look and feel of the home.

Here, the designer has taken a great modern wall panel idea — combining classic structure with new materials — to create a twenty-first-century home reminiscent of ancient villas and temples. The unique metal balcony railing, offset columns and the recessed home interior draws the eye inward and makes us wonder what’s inside.


Stone may not always immediately come to mind when we’re talking about modern home design, but pairing it with sleek but muted modern wall cladding profiles helps bring what could feel like a mid-century throwback all the way into today’s aesthetics.

By keeping a consistent color palette throughout, the home still feels homogeneous, even as it plays with finishes, textures and levels. One of the most interesting aspects is the stone feature on the side: It feels like an old homestead chimney, ready to help keep the people inside warm.

Dream Big

Using fiber cement wall panels is a great opportunity to get creative with your home’s design and provide superior protection for the life of the structure. By using a variety of colors, profiles, sheens and textures, your designer can take your vision and make it a distinctive reality. For more information on choosing the right fiber cement design for your forever home, click here to visit our blog. Or if you have questions on getting started using fiber cement, click here to contact a rep.

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