Street view of home with mixed siding textures, multiple car garages and modern design.
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Modern Home Exterior Trends Using Wall Paneling

Modern home design is influenced by contemporary culture, inspired by decades of societal growth and expansion, and all about meeting a homeowner’s dream design with distinctive touches that make their home stand out. There are so many factors to consider beyond simply the floor plan and interior design when envisioning the ideal modern house.  

You want to make sure your living space meets your needs and desires both inside and out. With so many design styles to choose from, making sure your home has the impact you're looking for can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, packing a punch with your home’s exterior design may be easier than you think.

With modern design comes modern materials, and fiber cement wall siding panels help homeowners create their dream home with a wide variety of colors, finishes and aesthetics. Innovation in modern home design is at an all-time high. Check out how seven designers and homeowners got creative with their exterior design and get inspired for your next project.

1. Texture Mixing Done Right

Street view of home with mixed siding textures, multiple car garages and modern design.

Mixing textures with fiber cement can add a dramatic flair to the exterior or interior of a home, and it’s a surefire way to create mesmerizing curb appeal. Wood-like exterior house siding paired with clean, sandy and stone panels creates a harmonious look that is both modern and timeless. Heavy black accents keep it fresh and sleek. 

If you choose to forgo high-maintenance options like cedar wood siding that needs regular cleaning, inspection and refinishing every couple of years, or highly expensive options like stone, you can opt for a long-lasting solution like fiber cement that gives the same aesthetics without all the cost and effort. 

Fiber cement can be manufactured for a completely custom look, so you can get that sought-after wood look without the risk of infestation or rot. This timeless material can last decades without needing to be sanded, repainted or refinished.

2. Stand Out in the Snow

Custom home with reddish-brown fiber cement siding and gray accents overlooking a snow-covered lake.

If you live in a region that gets a lot of snow, it can be hard to find a trusted manufacturer that produces a structurally sound building material able to protect a home for the long haul. Fiber cement siding from Nichiha is extremely resilient when it comes to winter weather. 

It provides some insulation, helping to keep the home warm, is unaffected by moisture (assuming it’s sealed correctly) and does not expand or contract due to temperature changes. 

Choosing the right exterior color can also make a big impact when trying to set a home apart from the rest.  Warm-toned panels with a grey accent allow you to stand out in the winter months and blend in with the natural beauty of nature during the summer.

Saturated shades, warm neutrals and a few cool hues can wrap your home in a welcoming ambiance and amp up your coziness level.

Find Your Modern Mood

From minimalistic to colorful, let our Modern Homes Look Book be the first stop on your journey. Spark your creativity with our stunning examples of modern done right. 

3. Navy and Natural Wood

Front-facing view of a home with navy and wooden siding and a concrete-tiled and gravel driveway

Smooth surfaces with fewer shadows create a sleek home exterior appearance. Pairing the natural, warm-toned wood colors with a black, dark grey or navy shade on architectural panels creates a contemporary design masterpiece. The contrast brings an exciting element to the home's outdoor space without being over the top.

Nichiha’s Navy Illumination fiber cement siding has a satin finish and helps create a sophisticated look alongside rustic wooden panels. A smooth surface remains, but the color variation adds some interest and contrasting properties.

4. Gorgeously Gray

Canada house with a minimalist look, clean lines and beautiful landscaping and views across the skyline

If done wrong, a gray exterior can be dull and remind you of a cloudy, rainy day. If done right, a gray exterior can be bright, cheerful and inviting. It’s a great option for modern homes and perfect for a homeowner who loves monochromatic palettes.

These grey Nichiha ArchitecturalBlock panels provide a sense of softness in contrast to the warm pop of the wooden soffit along the roofline. The geometric lines are clean, and the shadows created with the contrasting colors are gorgeous. ArchitecturalBlock panels blend beautifully with stainless steel, glass and rustic wood finishes.

5. Brick Siding With Bold Windows

Looking up at the entryway and front door of a home with brick siding, large windows and a modern look

Windows can drastically modernize a home. Pairing a timeless siding such as brick, with big, bold windows can make a home look trendy, yet traditional. 

Utilizing real brick can cause costly delays while waiting for a mason or the proper temperatures. Choosing Nichiha’s Brick series Architectural Wall Panels gives you high curb appeal and gives you the same look as kiln-fired bricks — without the risks.

You still get color variations and grout for depth, but none of the hassle.

6. A Neutral Statement

A Georgia modern home with white and grey cladding, various window sizes and trees in the background

This home makes a statement, but the neutral, modulated palette the homeowners chose keeps the home from taking over the neighborhood. Utilizing multiple neutral colors in your wall panel design in similar shades creates visual interest but doesn’t overwhelm. 

Nichiha’s Savannah Smooth collection allows homeowners to get the craftsman look of lap siding with the longevity and protection of fiber cement. This siding creates striking shadow lines with crisp, squared edges bringing upscale beauty and performance.

7. White & Rustic Tones

Wood and white cladding make the clean lines of this home's modern architecture stand out against an orange and blue sunset in the background

The warm wood tones here give a sense of modern retreat and soften some of the hard lines created by the flat roof, harsh black trim and classic white color. The garage door creates a modern contrast to the rustic feel of the rest of the house. 

Nichiha’s Illumination panels are the star in this design, providing a gorgeously smooth, semi-gloss white finish to the garage. The white gives a stunning, cool contrast to the warmth of the wood and rustic feel of the stone. This is one modern house design that’s sure to turn heads.

Design Your Modern Home With Nichiha

Using fiber cement wall panels gives you the opportunity to get creative with your home’s design while making sure it’s protected. Fiber cement exterior solutions remove the concerns of traditional building products like traditional wood and stucco that are susceptible to damage from insects, extreme temperatures and weather. 

 There are so many options for your house exterior to choose from that you won't have to sacrifice creativity and quality to get what you want. With a wide range of colors, profiles, sheens, finishes and textures, Nichiha can help you make your design dream a reality.

For more information on fiber cement siding, click here to visit our blog. Or, if you have questions on getting started using fiber cement, click here to contact a representative.

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