Features & Benefits

The power of possibilities opens many doors.

When you open yourself up to the power of possibilities, you see things from a few more angles. At Nichiha, we are constantly challenging ourselves to find new and better ways to move fiber cement technology forward. It is important to note, not all fiber cement products are the same. We do things a little different.

Our Formula

Nichiha has always held deep concern for the environment and the people who install our products on a daily basis. It motivated us to formulate our fiber cement products a little differently by reducing the amount of silica and increasing the amount fly ash. Silica is essentially just a technical term for sand. It is everywhere. It only becomes a problem when it becomes airborne. Although it is nearly impossible to eliminate, our products contain the lowest levels of silica in the industry. Fly ash is a natural byproduct of coal-burning power plants. It is abundant and basically inert. By using fly ash, Nichiha improves the performance of our products and prevents a substantial amount of post-industrial waste from sitting in a landfill. As with virtually all building materials, when working with fiber cement there are things you should do to protect yourself and eliminate unnecessary health risks. For a full MRSDS, visit our resources section.


Nichiha uses a proprietary stamping procedure to create the vast array of textures we offer. It enables us to create more pressure and have more control than the commonly used rollers of other manufacturers. More pressure means deeper grooves, more shadows and more visual drama. Nobody gives you more stunning and varied looks than Nichiha. In fact, nobody else even comes close.

Our Finish

Every product we make comes off the line with three protective coatings; 2 coats of primer and an anti-efflorescence coating that prevents chalky residue from appearing. The result is a product that holds paint better and looks better longer.