The freedom to use color like never before.

Thanks to Nichiha’s Color Xpressions, it’s never been easier to get precisely the right color. If you have a commercial paint color fan, you’re halfway there. Nichiha’s Color Xpressions system lets you transform virtually any standard color of paint into a fully-functioning rainscreen system. So let’s find your color.

It all starts with a phone call

Contact your Nichiha Architectural Representative and discuss what you have in mind. Your rep can help you get the most out of our products and the Color Xpressions system.

Find a Rep

Tell us your color

Nichiha can base your custom color on virtually any color from a manufacturers standard paint catalog. Once you’ve identified the color you’re interested in duplicating, simply notify your Nichiha representative with the manufacturer’s name and color. We’ll take if from there.

Look for it in the Mail

Once your color swatch arrives, examine it closely. If it’s not quite right your Nichiha representative will help you make adjustments. Once you sign off on it, we can begin the production process.

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