Pushing the Boundaries of Fiber Cement. Meet Miraia.

Miraia—the name inspires almost as much intrigue as the product itself. In fact, Miraia was so captivating that it was featured among Architect Magazine’s favorite finds at the 2018 AIA Conference Expo.

The first fiber cement of its kind on the market, Miraia embodies the spirit of Nichiha right down to its unique name.

As a cost-conscious alternative to metal cladding, which can be costly and difficult to maintain, Miraia delivers a reflective, high-gloss finish backed by the durability of fiber cement. Ideal for a variety of applications, Miraia is available in Snow, Glacier and Onyx.

Miraia is available in Snow, Glacier and Onyx finishes

So, what about that name? A combination of the Japanese terms for “mirror” and “future,” Miraia reflects the company’s spirit of innovation and consistent drive to challenge the boundaries of fiber cement in order to spark creativity and bring design possibilities to life.

Order your Miraia sample today and see first-hand what all of the excitement is about.

Got a first glimpse of Miraia at the AIA Expo? Tell us about it in the comments.

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