2018 CRAN Cincinatti: The Story Behind the Illustration

CRAN 2018 Illustration by John Maggard

From landmark buildings to distinct homes, this blog takes you behind the scenes of Nichiha’s Cincinnati illustration created exclusively for CRAN 2018.

To create this piece, Ohio illustrator John Maggard drew on the rich architectural history of Cincinnati, where he’s lived for nearly 40 years. His illustration highlights 20 of the city’s most notable commercial and residential buildings.

“Cincinnati is a fairly old city compared to other U.S. communities and has a rich variety of styles, types and ages of residential and commercial architecture, as well as public architecture. Although much of it is gone, a surprisingly large amount remains,” he said.

Equally intriguing to Maggard is Cincinnati’s tradition of industrial technology and its influence on architecture and infrastructure. “The patterns of residential settlement that followed the various industries and businesses for the past 200-plus years are all represented in different parts of town, with the local hilly topography dictating what sorts of housing were built and how they’ve lasted over the years,” he stated.

All of these influences combined, inspired this unique illustration of Cincinnati’s most iconic architecture. Check out the infographic below to learn more about the buildings and residences featured in it.

To download a full-size copy of the infographic, click here.

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