David Hohenstern

David Hohenstern, MSBCFM
Technical Specialist
Nichiha USA

No, he does not really add MSBCFM after his name, but since this is David Hohenstern’s overdone snapshot biography, it seems appropriate to use it here. The acronym does mean something but we won’t tell you what yet. David is a native and life-long Georgian, though born of Yankee transplants to Florida, his situational accent and addiction to sweet tea certify his Southern bonafides. In 1997, he graduated from Mount de Sales Academy in Macon, GA, and having not fallen into the wrong crowd, never even once thought to apply to the University of Georgia, but instead became a Yellow Jacket, getting out in ’02 and again in ’12. That second degree from Georgia Tech is where he earned the acronymous suffix, but, no, we are still not yet telling you what it means. After a first career in public service within the Office of the Governor of Georgia (as a ghost writer, more or less, and I ghost wrote this bio in 3rd person. Bob Dole!), David joined Nichiha as an Architectural Representative in December 2012, having just completed his Master of Science in Building Construction and Facility Management (the long-awaited reveal!). A couple years later, he began adding product testing and building code compliance duties to his responsibilities as a Technical Specialist. His proudest accomplishment in this role so far is the successful planning and execution of Nichiha’s CAN/ULC S-134 testing of Architectural Wall Panels over a wood wall assembly in September, 2015. In his free time, he often goes hiking in the North Georgia mountains and elsewhere, follows the Braves (ugh 2015 and 2016!), and cannot get enough runs in during ski season out West to ever be satisfied.