Carolina Albano

Carolina Albano is a mechanical engineer who works in Nichiha’s technical group in both the residential and commercial divisions at Nichiha. Her team supports installation and ensures product performance. Carolina helps support sales in many ways including working with architects and specifiers, conducting research of current installation methods and building science, and making it easier and safer to install more products in different building envelope types. Carolina and her group also write informational lunch and learn classes for architect continuing education credits.

Carolina is passionate about her profession and loves to continue learning about many different topics. Music is the shortcut to her soul and she enjoys singing and playing guitar. Her family is very musical and she feels blessed to connect with them through music.

Carolina’s labor of love is an ice pop snack she created that is wholesome, makes your taste buds come alive, and helps your body thrive! It’s called Wholly Pops. Her inspiration was her mother who survived cancer by learning to eat holistically, and her son who had kidney problems when he was just a newborn. Carolina remains passionate about food, food sourcing, and lifestyle.

Favorite Quote: “…everything is turned to one’s advantage when he greets a situation like this: You are the very thing I was looking for.” –Marcus Aurelius