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Under Pressure: Wind Load Series Part 4

In the final post of our wind load series, we build on what we learned in previous discussions by delving into complex code bodies and agencies.

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Under Pressure: Wind Load Series Part 1

In an attempt to demystify wind load data contained within the product evaluation reports of building material manufacturers, we are launching a 4-part blog series. We are excited to share our knowledge of the building code, the general requirements of wind loads for buildings, and how wind loads affect everyone related to commercial and residential buildings: the designers, the builders, and the eventual occupants.

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Under Pressure: Wind Load Series Part 2

Now that we know the basic parameters used to determine the wind loads, let’s delve into two important ones: building zones & design pressures. In this post, we will understand how pressures act on a structure, & how we use this knowledge to calculate the minimum pressures a building designer must assign to a structure to make it safe for occupancy & use.

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Under Pressure: Wind Load Series Part 3

In our last blog post we discussed how siding is designed to be installed in different structures and the requirements according to geographical and topographical location. We also discussed where on the building the siding is installed. To know how to safely install a siding product on a building, especially those with known high wind pressures, a manufacturer can turn to a number of test standards.

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