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2018 CRAN Cincinatti: The Story Behind the Illustration

Learn what inspired Ohio illustrator John Maggard to create our exclusive 2018 CRAN Cincinnati illustration, featuring some the city’s most notable commercial and residential buildings. Go even deeper to learn the stories behind the highlighted buildings with our helpful infographic, detailing each structure.

Categories: Infographics, Inspiration, Residential

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Fiber Cement: Offering Style with Durability in High Velocity Hurricane Zones

As storms like Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Irma continue to leave billions of dollars in damages, many developers are seeking out high-performance cladding options for High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ). With Florida’s HVHZ designation and superior moisture management capabilities, including a built-in rainscreen, find out how Nichiha panels can help your buildings withstand hazardous weather conditions.


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